Public Shedule Instructions
You will only be able to use this after you have filled out the proper form from the Corrections Staff.
1.       Please Click Here
2.       You will then be re-directed to our scheduling page
a. Please use your email address you provided to the correction staff
b. Your password will be password you can change this at any time.
c. Then click Log On to get access to your vistation selection
3. After you have had a successful login you will display the below photo.
a. You will only have access to the inmates that are shown under My Inmates.  Inmates must have you on their list of 5 inmates otherwise you are not authorized to visit with an inmate at this time.
4. If you do have access to an inmate you may now click visit next to the inmate you would like to visit.
5. When scheduling the visit you must be 24 hours in advance to be able to get an approved visit. You also can only schedule up to 7 days in advance.
a. Please Select the date you would like to schedule and the time of day then click Search
6. After clicking search from step 5 you will get the list of available times for the specified date. Please click select next to the time you would like to visit.
7. After you have selected you time from step 6 you will receive the below screen please confirm everything is correct.
a. You must fill out your relationship to inmate.
b. Then click Reserve after everything is correct.
8. You should now get an email and the below screen stating it was successfully scheduled.
9. If for some reason you cannot make the scheduled time please either call to cancel the appointment or click cancel as seen in below photo.  If this is not done the inmate will lose those 15 mins of visitation for the week.
4835 State Route 29
Celina, Ohio, 45822
Phone: 419-586-7724
Phone: 419-586-5770
Fax: 419-586-2234
Phone: 419-586-5753
Fax: 419-586-9142
Phone: 419-586-7724
Phone: 419-586-7724
Fax: 419-586-1979

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